What I believe

Healing isn’t only possible for other people, it’s possible for you too. You don’t have to depend on fate or luck to heal from really hard things. Healing from loss is a choice, not chance. That doesn’t make it easy, but it does make it possible, and that's really good news for your broken heart. No matter what you’ve experienced in the past, healing can be in your future.

1. Healing is possible

Just because every healing journey is unique does not mean you have to walk it alone. Unbearable things become a bit more bearable with someone by your side. You were made for relationship - especially in hard times. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or pull in a support system. Let others walk with you. Your heart will benefit greatly and so will theirs.

2. You are not alone

Eating healthy, nourishing food and taking restorative supplements are two of the most powerful tools available to support your healing journey. Healing is undermined despite all other efforts if your physical body is depleted. Eating to heal is essential and easier than you think. Your emotional well-being will thrive when your physical health is priority. 

3. Nutrition is powerful

Everything doesn't happen for a reason. Yes, I said it. It's about time someone did. The purpose of your pain isn’t revealed to you as a spectator in your own life, but created by you as the author of your own heart. Pain itself does not hold some hidden good. You decide the purpose of your pain by your response to it. What you DO with your pain is what matters.

4. Pain's purpose is created

Pain can only be transmitted or transformed - there is no neutral gear for pain. When you heal your heart you become an agent of change and a beacon of hope to others. Your courage fills other hurting hearts with courage. Your example proves healing is possible. You are doing the world a favor when you choose healing over hurting. You truly become a light in someone else's darkness.

5. Healed people heal people

Core values